Stay away from Texaco Auto repair at wintergreen Shopping center in Rockville, MD.

They purposely damaged my car because I refused to get the rediculous repairs done that they said my car needed that I knew was untrue. They lied to me told me story after story of what was wrong I drove my car in and was unable to start it when I picked it up.

I can't believe that people could be so malicious but that's the real world and they need to be stopped. I could tell by the sneaky faces when I went to try and start my car that something wasn't right and when it would start I couldn't believe it. For detail another mechanic showed me that the batter cord was cut. Wires were pulled out, a bolt was stripped on the alternator, bolts were missing from other parts so that they were not in stable.

Stay away from this shop for your own good. Rockville MD

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