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Texaco XPress Lubes, 4th Street N, St. Petersburg, Florida (AKA North Florida Lubes).

My Dealer service was recently closed due to the recession. I had a little road trip coming up and wanted to squeeze in an oil change and tire rotation while I found a new dealer to service my Jeep. What a big mistake I made. Do not go to Texaco XPress Lube.

While I was sitting in the lobby they somehow bent my tie rod by either running something over or on the lift. I noticed slight wandering and a tilted steering wheel son my drive back to work that day. When I returned, they would not my complaint. Nothing!

What kind of policy is that? They told me to go to a dealer and get an opinion on whether or not they caused the damage. So this is how Texaco Xpress Lube works. They make you site where you can't really see them working on your car, so if they damage it, you can't see it and then claim no responsibility.

This is exactly how it played out in court. The judge said I had a good story and everything seemed legit, but the evidence was all circumstantial since no one actually witnessed the damage. They also gave the judge a different story in court than they gave me. They wouldn't let anyone who actually worked at the station that that day come to court.

Suspicious yet? After going to my new Dealer Service, they also said the tires were rotated incorrectly. In court, Texaco XPress Lubes admitted they don't check tread depth and that the customer is always right. I AM NOT A MECHANIC!

It appears that their employees aren't either, not a single one, and they just switch tires around. My dealer changed all the tires back free of charge w/out even asking me. I had two sets of warning lights coming on and $1000 in repairs after going to these guys. Texaco XPress Lube employees are barely trained amateurs, not mechanics.

I took my car back and they denied any wrong doing and would not accept a complaint. Do not go to Texaco Xpress Lube. I'm sorry to report that I lost my small claims (I'm not good at playing lawyer), but that doesn't mean they aren't guilty--THEY GOT AWAY WITH IT! Texaco XPress Lube is the McDonalds of car care!

Make sure you get your fries with your order.


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