Texaco Gas Tank Refill Reviews

I said $10 or 15.Went into decide and pay. I paid for $10, paying with a $20, guy gave me two $5's. When I got inside my car, guy came up and said he needed $5 more he pumped $15 then blamed the cashier. When I got home I called to let the clerk know, he ended up blaming the attendant saying I asked for $15, I said then why did I pay $10?They are scamming people, Watch Out for 181st NE Halsey station, what scammers!
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Your store located off of 575 exit 11 in canton georgia display s one price for gas and has a another price listed outside outside it states 2. 89 at the pump it shows 3. 29. I went in to bring it to the person staff attention. He told me if I didn't like it to go somewhere else. I said the price was displayed wrong. He told me it was raining and again if I didn't like it it out of his store and go somewhere else. I went to another gas station...
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h.kitchener Complain about this location direct to Texaco. They have a website. Sounds like the employee didn't want to get wet changing the sign or he was busy with customers and didn't ...